Postcards are a marketer's dream. Their compact size makes them ideal for simple, targeted mailings, as well as larger, more full-fledged campaigns. Postcards are inexpensive and perfect for introducing new products, announcing upcoming events, or keeping in touch with customers on a regular basis.

  • Postcards make great front-counter handouts, box stuffers, and trade show materials.
  • Use postcards as a call to action. Enclose them with marketing materials and include them as a mailer with your mailing address for an easy customer response.
  • Grab attention and stand out from the crowd by using square or larger-sized postcards.

Postcards (Estimate Request)

Postcards (Estimate Request)
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    Note: Orders received after 10:30 AM will be considered received the following business day. The turnaround times indicate when the product will ship from our production facilities in Dallas TX and does not include time for shipping. Every effort will be made to meet your requested turnaround time. If we fail to meet your requested turnaround time, the rush charges will be billed according to the schedule above.
  3. *Size


    What are the size limits for first-class postcards?

    All postcards are not created equal, at least in the eyes of the USPS. In order to qualify for the special first-class postcard rate, a card must be rectangular in shape, at least 3.5 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inches thick, and no more than 6 inches high x 9 inches long x 0.016 inches thick. Postcards that do not meet these regulations are treated as normal mail.

    So why would you consider a different size for your postcard? For starters, a larger size stands out better in a pile of mail. It also offers added real estate for offers, images, and text about your products and services.

    If you're not concerned about meeting the USPS guidelines for postcard rates, you might consider a slightly larger postcard (5 x 7, 5.5 x 8.5, or 6 x 9) to take advantage of these added benefits.


    What is EDDM?

    Every Door Direct Mail is a USPS service that offers a simple, cost effective way to deliver postcards to every mailbox along a chosen mail route. For most business customers postage is only $0.177 per piece.  The USPS website has an online mapping tool so you can choose the zip code and carrier route that will best target your customers based upon location, age, income, or household size.  You even have a choice to send your postcard to just residential addresses or to residential and business addresses along your chosen mail route.

    Fidelity Press makes it easy by offering the sizes and stocks that fit into the USPS's EDDM requirements.

    If you want, Fidelity Press can produce just the postcards and you can handle the rest.  Want Fidelity Press to handle everything?  We also offer EDDM Full Service where we handle everything from print, to paperwork, to delivery to the USPS.  Just give us a call.  We'll be happy to discuss your individual needs.

    For more information on how EDDM works and artwork requirements, please visit


    Regular Mail Sizes

    EDDM Sized Postcards (Every Door Direct Mail)

  4. *Paper Choices


    100 lb. uncoated is an economical option, suitable for text. However, it does not reproduce graphics or photographs well.

    100 lb. matte is a heavyweight paper with a dull, smooth finish that handles print graphics well.

    130 lb. gloss is an elegant, heavyweight paper with a smooth, glossy finish that's perfect for high-impact graphics and photographic reproduction.


    Uncoated Cover

    Semi-Gloss Cover (Coated 2-Sides)

  5. Ink Color Options


    Which color option should I choose?

    If you're looking to make your collateral stand out and get noticed, we recommend considering full-color printing, especially if your item contains a photo or other image.  Full-color printing provides the maximum impact and visual appeal. However, if your budget is tight, a well-conceived two-color or even one-color design can prove an acceptable alternative.

    Two-color printing, as its name implies, uses two colors of ink. However, most items with an ink color other than black will be produced using 4-color process unless other options are shown.  Please select the appropriate ink color option based upon this conversion and the options available.  If you desire to use a specific PMS color and don't want it converted to a process mix, please submit an estimate request and we'll get back to you right away with a price quote.

    Front: Full-Color
    Back: Full-Color
  6. Bleeds?


    A bleed occurs when any part of the printed image extends to the edge of the sheet.  If a document does not have bleeds then there will be a 1/4" white margin around the entire page.  If your document contains bleeds the artwork you provide will need to include an extra amount (1/8" minimum) of printed image that extends beyond the trim edge of the sheet or page. 

  7. Shrink-wrapping


    What are the benefits of shrink-wrapping?

    Shrink-wrapping protects against humidity, dust, and dirt; prevents damage from bending, tearing, or folding; and keeps printed items well-organized, under control, and easy to maintain. Printed materials are far easier to transport and store when they're shrink-wrapped together, rather than stacked loosely in a pile.


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